Special Religious Education (S.R.E.) Curriculum Outline

of Condell Park Bible Church

The aim of the Special Religious Education (S.R.E.) program is to enable students to study the Scriptures and learn to apply the truths to their own lives in the present world.

The Lesson Series presented includes:

  • Beginnings
  • The Lives of The Patriarchs
  • Joseph
  • Moses Chosen Deliverer
  • Moses the Lawgiver
  • Joshua
  • The Judges
  • Ruth
  • Life of David 1
  • Life of David 2
  • Esther
  • Daniel
  • Life of Christ 1
  • Life of Christ 2
  • Life of Christ 3
  • Life of Christ 4
  • Life of Peter
  • Acts 1 - The Early Church
  • Acts 2 - Paul
The order of topics is not prescriptive and may be influenced by studentsí needs, interests and level of understanding. An expanded curriculum is available.

SRE Teacher Training:

A Ministry Training and Compliance Day for dissemination of information and training will be held in the first two months of each year for all Scripture teachers. Teachers will be informed of the legal and moral responsibilities related to child protection , mandatory reporting, Biblical principles and relevant standards of behaviour as detailed in the Church Child Protection booklet.

Training in basic classroom management will also be conducted to ensure that each teacher has understanding of classroom management principles, child development and communication strategies.

Initial training in Child protection, Health and safety, acceptable conduct and classroom management will be completed in a special Induction program prior to initial authorisation as a teacher.

Pastor Brian Wenham
Pastor Emeritus, Condell Park Bible Church