Special Religious Education (SRE) in NSW Public Schools.

As a Church, we are grateful for the opportunity to conduct SRE classes in Public Schools. The goal of the teaching program is to present Jesus Christ as Saviour, enable the students to grow in the Lord and study the Word of God to apply Biblical truths in their own lives.  

Teacher Authorisation:

Processes for SRE teacher authorisation by Condell Park Bible Church are in place and summarised for your information:

Teacher Authorisation Process


As an approved provider, it is expected that our teachers always maintain the highest level of professionalism, however, if a complaint is necessary, a complaint flowchart is available for your information along with a Condell Park Bible Church complaint form. 

Complaints Process Flowchart

Complaint Form

Scope and Sequence:

A Curriculum Scope and Sequence has been provided to enable parents to see the nature of material covered in SRE lessons presented by Condell Park Bible Church.

SRE Curriculum Scope and Sequence