Pastor Brian Wenham

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Pastor Emeritus

The Early Years

Pastor Brian Wenham, the youngest of three siblings, was born in the New South Wales country town of Yass, in 1933, and, at the age of 13, moved with his family to the Sydney suburb of Beverly Hills. Brian's family was centrally involved in the Methodist Church, with both parents holding office at various times. His father was Circuit Steward for a time, the most senior lay office in the parish. Sadly, however, salvation and the Gospel were not presented or encouraged.

Following graduation from high school, Brian completed a degree course in civil engineering, majoring in hydrology and engineering geology. He was employed by the Sydney Water Board, where he went on to specialize in structural design. In this discipline, he was privileged to participate in the design of the upper levels of the Warragamba Dam.

During these years Brian also served in the military as part of the Citizen Military Forces (CMF). Throughout the seven years he served in the CMF, Brian proceeded up through the ranks, finally holding the post of Company Sergeant-Major for his final three years.

Brian's family belonged to Penshurst Methodist Church, as did the family of a young lady by the name of Fleur. They were acquainted with each other but became better friends during the choir ministry. Both worked in the city and attended lunch-hour Christian fellowship meetings, and were invited along to a long-weekend camp where they both came under the sound of God's Word in a mighty way. On the last day of the camp, April 27, 1958, both came to faith in Christ. They were married at Penshurst Methodist Church, their home church, on 7th February 1959.

The Call to the Ministry

Brian and Fleur immediately sought to pursue the will of the Lord and, at a meeting, just months later, there was a call for young people to stand if they believed that the Lord was calling them to serve Him full time. Without any collusion, they both stood. Brian candidated for the Methodist ministry, which was the only pathway they could see at the time.

Beginning in 1961, Brian studied for three years in Leigh Theological College, Enfield, in conjunction with the United Faculty of Theology, Sydney University. Due to the liberal nature of the training being presented, he had to take a defensive stance during his study. Although this was just a sign of the many battles to come, the Lord brought Brian and Fleur through into a Biblical position and ministry.

Following his training, Brian took up two appointments in the Methodist Church between 1964 and 1970, first in the Wollongong area, then in the country area of Clunes-Dunoon. However, in December, 1970, due to apostasy within the Methodist Church, and the Holy Spirit's conviction of the need for separation, Brian tendered his resignation.

Then, in January of 1973, Brian received the call from Condell Park Bible Church and was appointed as pastor. Brian's ministry within the church has covered numerous areas, from the ministry and exhortation of the Word, to involvement in the School and College. He has also been blessed to undertake travel overseas to minister in a number of contexts, most recently taking a number of visits to India to provide Bible training. In 2016, Brian adopted the role and title of Pastor Emeritus, having handed over the main Senior Pastoral responsibilities to Pastor Glenn Matthews.

Brian's desire for the nation of Australia is that we be challenged to the old paths of Biblical nationhood as were our forefathers in England during and after the Reformation.

Other Interests

Brian's interests beyond the pulpit are varied. His love of sport can be seen through many seasons of cricket, rugby league, and athletics. Brian also enjoys photography, previously developing and printing his own work. He also has a passion for motor mechanics, having rebuilt both a neglected motor cycle and an "A" Model Ford in his spare time.

Wife & Family

Brian's wife, Fleur, was born and raised in Sydney and, following her studies, was employed in both Sydney and Lithgow as a legal stenographer. She was a talented athlete and pursued her sprinting to both a national and international level. Fleur was a member of the world-record breaking Australian 4x100m track relay team in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, as well as being a member of four other world record victories.

Ever since their salvation and Brian's call to the ministry, Fleur has exercised her ministry of pastoral care and support. She has been the leader of the church Women's Ministries and is active in personal evangelism and counseling. She has also enjoyed a ministry in music, not only in voice, but also by the strains of the piano and organ, through which many have been blessed by her touch.